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Monday, 23 February 2015

My Version of Kimchi | Vegan

Vegan/Vegetarian Kimchi recipe, no onion and no garlic

A bite into a seemingly spicy piece of pickled napa cabbage opened up a whole new world for me when I discovered kimchi for the first time at this Korean restaurant called The Hop House in Dublin, Ireland. Crunchy, juicy, tangy and hot was really quite a mouthful of surprise from what looked like some humble morsels of cabbage neatly stacked in a small dish. I had never tasted kimchi before, nor did I know what it was. The menu labelled it as 'V' for vegetarian and it definitely caught my attention. Being the adventurous type when it comes to food, after confirming with the waitress whether it was also vegan, I had to order kimchi for the first time and was so glad I did. I even ordered more to take out at the end of my meal.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Roasted Pepper & Lentil Crackers | Vegan + Gluten-free

Roasted Red Pepper & Lentil Crackers

I remember my first experience as a new vegan when I was searching for a recipe to make my very first vegan cake — one ingredient freaked me out, totally. Vinegar! Vinegar? In cake? No! Can I omit it? Won't the cake taste/smell like vinegar? Thinking back on this only makes me smile.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Cassava & Tapioca Pearl (Sago) in Coconut Milk | Manioc & Sagou au Lait de Coco

Cassava and Tapioca Pearl in Coconut Milk, manioc et sagou au lait de coco

During the pre-independence days in Mauritius and mostly during and after the second world war, when food was scarce, cassava was a staple in many Mauritian households. Many people relied on this starchy root as their main source of carbohydrate. Tapioca pearls are actually made from the root of the cassava plant and are commonly available in the form of little white balls.

Monday, 2 February 2015

A Promenade in Montreal

These are some shots that I took around Montreal during the holiday season in December 2014. It was a cold night and I wasn't sure whether the footage would be good due to poor lighting, but somehow I managed to piece together this short clip. (The music is by

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Curried Bitter Gourd with Potatoes

Curried bitter gourd with potatoes, curry margoze, Mauritian recipe

When your favourite vegetable is a rare one to find, it becomes a treat indeed. Bitter gourd has been my all-time favourite vegetable ever since I was a child. The bitterness never bothered me. Honestly, this is much attributed to the way my mom used to prepare it - she would make the most delicious curried-style bitter gourd with potatoes.

How to Prepare Bitter Gourd

Curried bitter gourd with potatoes, curry margoze, Mauritian recipe

Bitter gourd, also known as bitter melon, is a vegetable that many people tend to shy away from due to the bitterness. While bitter gourd may be off-putting due to their bitter taste, when prepared properly, they make an appealing and nutritious vegetable that can be used in many different dishes. Bitter gourds have an array of wonderful health properties which make them a good addition to one's diet — I have talked about some of this vegetable's great health benefits in a previous post.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Golden Beetroot Risotto | Vegan & Low-fat

golden/yellow beetroot risotto, vegan, gluten-free

My newfound love for the golden beetroot got me into buying a huge bag of them yellow beets. The plan was to use them in an adapted version of my Beetroot Tarte Tatin recipe. But a good hearty risotto has got to be the best of all comfort food - the kind that warms you up from head to toe. I personally find risotto to be one of the simplest meal to make. All that is needed is a lot of love and care, and your risotto is sure to return the favour. While you do have to stand with it and constantly stir the rice, preparation time is rather minimal. So, I personally do not shy away from making it since it usually takes me around 30 minutes to make a risotto.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Butter Bean Curry, A Simple 30-minute Weekday Meal

Butter bean curry, lima bean curry, Mauritian curry

A weekly regular at the Lovlie Cocoon is the 30-minute curry with whatever we have on hand — sometimes a medley of vegetables, sometimes beans and sometimes a mix of both. Last week, as I came back from work, Boyfriendlovlie had already started prepping some vegetables and was just about to start making dinner.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year's Almighty Vegetable & Bean Burger

Vegetable Bean Burger, vegan burger

Every year around new year's time we reflect on the past year, hope for and wish everyone a happy (or happier) New Year. Most of the time when I reflect back, I find that everything is relative and is really based on our expectations of things. Inquiring and going deeper into these expectations just bring us to a place forged from our own beliefs. The power of belief is a great one! While we all hope for a happy-everything, we tend to muffle that little bit of sour zing that in reality is the secret ingredient that really marries everything together and take us exactly where we need to be whether, in that moment, we see it or not. 2014 has been just as much a great year for me, as any other year, in many aspects and I hope it has been the same for you too! So, I wish you all the very best for a Fresh New Year, neither happy nor sad, just fresh!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Nut-free Vegan Lentil Loaf

Vegan Lentil Loaf

Christmas eve was a very quiet one with just Boyfriendlovlie and me. I started making dinner quite late as I was out of inspiration what to make. When I say out of inspiration it actually means unable to decide what to choose from my long list of recipes that I've been planning to make over the holidays. I finally went for a lentil loaf for the main dish accompanied by steamed potatoes, okra bhajis and a green salad.

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