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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Easy Pasta Salad Recipe with Artichoke Hearts + How to Cook Artichokes

Unspared by the heat wave during the past couple of weeks, we really had our appetite quite low. Fresher lighter meals were all the more alluring. I also happened to see some gorgeous fresh looking artichokes at the fresh produce market last week and couldn't resist dropping a couple in my bag. Kevin and I decided to use the artichoke heart in a pasta salad, one that we usually have every so often, whenever we want an easy meal that can be filling as well.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lemongrass Vegetable Pasta Stir Fry with Okra | Vegetarian + Vegan Recipe

lemongrass vegetable pasta stir fry with okra, vegetarian, vegan recipe

Stir fries are one great way of either using up a lot of vegetables that need consuming fast or just making simple veggies look special. Originally, I believe, stir fries are a selection of vegetables and sometimes with some kind protein tossed together on high heat with some oil, seasonings and sauces.

Okra is probably not a common vegetable in stir fries but when cooked properly, it makes a tasty combination. If you are not a fan of okra for its stickiness, then make sure to choose very tender ones when buying them. They are by far a lot more delicious both taste-wise and texture-wise. Then, in this stir fry, I recommend leaving them just a little crunchy. So while cooking them, to soften them, add a little water and salt but do not overcook them. I'd say around 8 to 10 minutes should be sufficient depending on how tender the okras are.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Quick Tip: Pre-Mince, Prepare, Preserve & Store Ginger or Garlic — How-to

prepare, peel, mince, preserve and store ginger or garlic, how-to

Sometimes ginger or garlic can go moldy when kept for a few weeks even in the fridge. In order to preserve mine, I usually pre-mince them and keep them in the refrigerator ready to be used. As you might have seen in some of my previous recipe videos, I very often have my jar of pre-minced ginger on hand. This saves me a lot of time whenever I need it for use in recipes.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Brussels Sprouts Fried Rice from Vegan with a Vengeance Cookbook

Brussels Sprouts Fried Rice, Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

More than eight years ago, when I embarked into this vegan lifestyle with some slight trepidation, I did not have in view where all this would lead me nor what changes it would incur. I became vegan out of compassion after watching videos on animal abuse and crying myself to sleep on that night. The next day, I knew there was no going back. It was very hard for me to even finish the remaining animal products that I had in my fridge and pantry; I did throw some out. Before watching these videos, I had already been pescatarian (and dairy-free) for about six months. I really don't know what triggered this in me but I had wanted to be a vegetarian since I was quite young, when I was thirteen or fourteen. Still living with my parents at that time made it practically impossible. But had I seen these videos back then, I would have done whatever it takes not to eat animals. So, my only regret about becoming vegan is why had I not realised and done this before.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Homemade Burger Buns with Turmeric and Coconut | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe

Turmeric and Coconut Burger Buns, Vegan Bread Buns

Turmeric always reminds me of a funny situation that happened to one of my friends when we were still colleagues a few years ago. From time to time, we would go out to lunch with a few colleagues to one of the nearby restaurants around the office. At that time I was living in Ireland. So, on one occasion we decided to go for the Indie Spice restaurant. But my colleague was rather hesitant to go to the Indian restaurant on that day as she had quite recently put some braces on her teeth and was worried that the curry sauces would stain the elastic. Even though some people go for coloured rubber bands, she preferred hers to be as invisible as possible. So, I advised her to go for the tomato-based curries that contain less turmeric. But despite this, her elastic band did turn yellow giving her a golden smile! Our Chinese colleague teased her telling her that in China, yellow teeth are regarded as a symbol of prestige. Anyway, she went back to her dentist to get the elastic changed. So, for the whole year after this incident, we did not go to have lunch at the Indian restaurant.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

My Best Veggie Burger (does not fall apart) with Brown Chickpeas & Eggplant | Nut-free + Soy-free + Gluten-free

Veggie Burger with Brown Chickpea / Kala Chana and Eggplant / Aubergine

Through all the trials and tribulations of attempting to come up with the best veggie burger recipe possible, or better still — the perfect one, that will leave even an omnivore coming back for more, I finally devised something that is now going to be my go-to recipe. It is probably less of a challenge to add taste to a vegan burger if one is going to include some nuts, almonds or seeds. But in my case, being allergic to most of them (including flax seeds), I had to think of another way to get a burger that will have maximum taste, great texture and hold together well, i.e not crumbly or falling apart.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

How to Open a Mature Hard Shell Coconut and Remove the Flesh (with Video)

how to open a mature hard shell coconut

Fresh coconut meat brings so much appeal and a lot more fragrance and texture to many recipes. Although, it can be daunting enough a task to open a mature hard shell coconut to get the flesh out.

During my last few years of staying at my parents house in Mauritius, I had the chance to enjoy fresh coconuts from the four trees growing in the garden. My dad used to pick them when they were still young, and if you've ever drank the water from a real coconut, you'd probably agree with me that there is nothing, nothing like fresh coconut water. The bottled or carton coconut water that I can find here taste nothing like real coconut water. While young coconuts maybe be a little easier to open, the mature ones with the hard shell can be a bit of a challenge.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Peeling and Carving a Pineapple the Mauritian Way (with Video)

how to peel and carve a pineapple, Mauritian style

Have I ever mentioned that pineapple is my favourite fruit? I think there is nothing quite like this fruit. Well, every fruit is unique in that regard. However, pineapple is one fruit that I really enjoy eating in so many different ways — just plain raw being how I like it best. In Mauritius, they are often sold already peeled and carved with the eyes removed. My dad, who own a fruit stall at the market, would always bring a couple of pineapples home every Sunday. It was almost a tradition and for that reason probably Sundays were my most cherished day of the week as a child. We would sometimes make a quick fruit pickle with pineapple, mango and cucumber spiced up with some green chillies. But most of the time I liked my pineapple just plain, cut along the length with the leaves trimmed but still attached to make a small handle to grab on to. The pineapples that we used to get were smaller and hence the stalk could hold the fruit.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Freedom in a Cup of Turmeric Ginger Lemon Tea - Cleansing Recipe, Musings & Inspiration

Tea Musings: Turmeric Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe + Inspiration/Quotes/Reflection on Freedom

It was one of those days where I woke up feeling bleh, but sometimes it feels okay to feel that way. A feeling was there, my body was a little tired, but as I did not attach any interpretation to these subtleties, I had no fight with them. Kevin and I have our morning ritual, where we enjoy a cup of tea together and muse about anything before we get on with our other daily activities. That morning, I brewed us some lemon tea with turmeric and ginger — an infusion that we enjoy year round for its cleansing, detoxifying properties and exceptional health benefits.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Day in Montréal + Visit to Café Chat l'Heureux — Happy Cat Café

Café Chat l'Heureux — Happy Cat Café Montréal

The cat-loving person that I am couldn't miss the chance to pay a little visit to Café Chat l'Heureux which is a new cat café that recently opened in Montréal. If you're not familiar with what a cat café is, it’s basically a regular coffee shop with cats roaming and lazying about across the room. Infact, cat cafes are really popular in Japan. There are already a couple more of them in Montréal. But Kevin and I had not been to any of them yet.

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