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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Carrot muffins


Shelby from La Belle Vegan (she's got the nicest breakfast inspirations!) suggested that I make the Fat-free Carrot Cupcakes from the Happy Herbivore. And I did. I must say, these are really "to die for" (quoting Shelby)! I added raisins to mine and used pear puree (3 ripe pears processed in the blender with half cup water) instead of applesauce. I did not have any applesauce and to be honest I think I’ve had my fair share of apples the week before!
For icing, I just used icing sugar mixed with a little water and powdered coconut milk. (The icing wasn't fat-free though).

I really recommend these fat-free carrot cakes! And there so quick to make too!



  1. These cupcakes look awesome and very tempting...will definitely try this soon :)

  2. They do look delicious and well worth a try! I use pear puree all the time in baking--a great sub for the applesauce!

  3. yah for shelby's suggestion. They look fantastic and I bet they were super duper tasty!!!

  4. These cupcakes look amazing! I LOVE CARROT CAKE!

  5. Cupcakes look so yummy! So many great vegan recipes in this blog.

  6. omg I didn't even see this post...haha

    I'm so glad you made them!! Hmmm, maybe I sould make another batch =)

  7. Your carrot muffins look tasty, I really like the way you drizzled the frosting on top of them :).

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  8. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा24 November 2010 03:25

    Those look very good, I think frosting makes every dessert better :-)


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