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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Dragon Fruit


I’ve seen the dragon fruit for a while in Tesco over here and because it’s incredibly expensive (€2.99 each!), I’ve restraint myself from buying it until now. Well, both BoyfriendLovlie and I were very eager to know what this magnificent fruit would taste like.

I googled a bit about dragon fruit before attempting to cut it. Almost all websites instructed to slice the fruit in half, scoop out the flesh then cut into pieces. The fruit is said to be sweet but that one tasted quite bland, very much like the cream you get from a very tender coconut. The seeds are like those of a kiwi. Well, we both liked it nevertheless. Maybe it wasn’t ripe yet?

dragon fruit

dragon fruit

On the nutritional value side, dragon fruit (also known as pitaberry) is a very rich source of vitamin C, low in calories and has high level of antioxidants. On the whole a good fruit to eat except for the price! If I had enough space I could try growing my own dragon fruit, although it needs tropical weather; the plant is of the cactus family.

Well, I might buy the dragon fruit again once in a while as I really enjoyed it as my Sunday morning breakfast in a fruit salad with some blueberry soy yogurt! Raw fruit breakfast are an excellent way to start the day I’ve found; I feel much more energized and less sluggish as opposed to having toast or even cereal.

dragon fruit,fruit salad

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I’ve said Yes To Carrots!


Right now, I’m dead tired. I’ve had a long day at work then a long bus journey back to college for the evening and now I’m home, finally! Although, I will only sleep for 5 hours and the same thing again tomorrow. I’m missing my lovlie blog and especially you my lovlie readers.

But I had to write about something today, 2 things actually. They are not recipes; next week maybe!

Ok, firstly a big thank you to sweet Shelly from Shellyfish who sent me the cutest handmade gifts ever and some really adorable vegan chocolate! I say adorable because I haven’t opened them yet to take a bite, they're too nicely wrapped and tied together!

I received the package last week on Monday, and what could possibly be the best way to start a Monday! All are handmade by Shel, a pin cushion, a little heart, a card (with embroidered details on it!!), a cute little pouch
and the chocolates!! The pin cushion made me want to go back to some sewing again. It’s been a long time since I’ve sewn anything; I need to get myself a sewing machine. A birthday present maybe, in a month, Boyfriendlovlie? (hahaha!)

Second thing is I’ve said Yes To Carrots! I happened to come across the Yes To Carrots range of products in Boots pharmacy about a month ago. At that time I was running low on moisturizer and was looking for a new one. Vegan moisturizers are not that easy to find over here and most of the time they are quite expensive. All the Yes To Carrots product range is paraben free and contains only natural ingredients. I wrote to them to confirm this and the reply was:

“Thanks for writing!
Our products do not contain any animal products, other than honey & beeswax which are found in select products. Our products are also endorsed as cruelty free by PETA.”


The Moisturizing Day Cream does not contain any honey or beeswax, so woohoo, vegan! I’ve been using it for more than a month now and I don’t think I’d be looking for a new vegan moisturizer anytime soon! I’ve found my favourite, great on the skin and very reasonably priced. It smells lovely and I love it!

I haven’t tried other products in this range yet but I will definitely try their shampoo and conditioner soon.

And if you’d like to know: Yes To Carrots is intended for those with Dry to Normal skin, but I’ve also seen two other lines - Yes To Cucumbers and Yes To Tomatoes which are aimed at those with Normal to Sensitive skin (Cucumbers), and those with Oily/Combination skin (Tomatoes). More info on their website.

I’ve seen these products at a few other pharmacies over here in Dublin and I am sure they’d be easily available in the UK.

Now I really need to get some sleep!

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