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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Evening Craft Project

cosmetic bag

Monday morning blues? I kind of get that on Sunday evenings thinking about the Monday morning. So, I like doing little crafty things on Sunday evenings. It eventually eases off the Monday morning blues as well.

Here's a nifty cosmetic bag I whipped up this Sunday evening. It's based on a combination of this tutorial and this one but I made mine smaller as I needed one that would fit in my bag. So, I started off with a fabric 21cm by 35cm.

The end result is still a little bigger than what I wanted it to be but that's ok, I'll make another one. I can never have too many of these little bags!

cosmetic bag

Cosmetic Bag

So, what's your Sunday evening craft project? Please share as I need ideas!


  1. So cute! You're so crafty! ^^ Right now I'm obsessed with deco den and making stuffed animals into backpacks and purses.

  2. hey sweety that is quite lovely. Good job...Millie

  3. Teenu!i wish i had your talent and patience!Good job!!:)


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