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Recipe Index

Appetisers, Snacks & Finger Food

Bread & Rolls

English Muffins
Pear Rolls
Hot Cross Buns
Pita Bread (Half wholewheat, half white flour) 
Sweet Potato Bread (Recipe Video)

Breakfast and Brunch

Apple Cinnamon Scones
Apple Pancakes
Apricot Elderflower Refresher Smoothie (*Fat-free)
Bread Pudding
Coconut and Banana Crepe
Gladiator Savoury Fricassé Oats (*Low Fat)
Pain Perdu (French Toast)
Popeye Flu Buster Smoothie (*Fat-free)
Sweet Avocado with Smoothie(*Low Fat)
Tangy Crunchy Granola (*Low Fat)
Easy Plain Scones
Tofu Scramble with Parsnip
Savoury Vegan Crêpes (*Fat-free)
Vegetable Tofu Scramble in Taco Shells

Cakes (and Cupcakes)

Banana-Pear Turnover Spiced Cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Orange Cake
Coconut/Lemon Cupcakes
Coffee Loaf Cake
Crumbed Top Mung Bean Cake
Fat-free Vegan Lemon Cake with Banana Butter Topping (*Fat-free)
Irish Tea Brack (*Fat-free)
Lemony Coconut Cake
Simple Mocha Cake
Mung Bean Cookie Pie
Oatmilk Yogurt Cake
Orange Polenta Cake (Gluten Free, Fat-Free)
Semolina Carrot Cake
Steamed Mugcakes with Blackcurrant Jam
Vegan Yogurt Cupcakes

Cookies and Bars

Apple-Coconut Macaroons
Cranberry Oats Diamond Crisps
Coconut Choco-Orange Cookies
Graham Wafers
Mung Bean Cookie Pie
Pre-Workout Chocolate Coated Protein Bar (Gluten-Free)
Savoury Chick Pea Cookies
Sweet Potato Stuffed Rolls
Vegan Lady Finger Cookies


123Smoothie Dessert
Apple Pancakes
Banana Pie (Mauritian Style) - Recipe Video
Bread Pudding
Apple and Custard Tartlets
Apple Custard Pie
Carrot Halwa
Chocolate and Spanish Paprika Cheesecake
Coconut Custard Dessert
Coconut Chia Pudding - Guest Post Recipe by Heather Gardner
Rice Water and Mango Jelly (*Low Fat)
Sweet Avocado with Smoothie (*Low Fat)
Sweet Polenta Pudding (*Fat-free)
Sweet Potato Fudgesicles
Sweet Swede Squares
Sweet Yellow Rice à l'Ananas et Noix de Coco (Sweet Yellow Rice with Pineapple and Coconut) - This recipe was featured on Yummly
Vegan Chocolate and Spanish Paprika Cheesecake
Watermelon Pineapple Fruitsicles

Lunch Box or Burgers, Patties and Pies

Aubergine and Veggies in Beancurd Fried Wrap
Beetroot Tarte Tatin
Cauliflower, Beans and Mash
Chickpea Patties (burger)
Crusted Stuffed Carrot
Curry Pies
Jacket Potato with Lentils (*Low Fat)
Lentil Veggie Burgers
Mung Bean Pasty
Mixed Beans and Aubergine Patties
Ratatouille Christmas Tree Pie
Red Bean and Breadfruit Tandoori Patties

Main Dishes

30-minute Ramen
Aubergine and Mushroom Lasagna
Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce (*Low Fat)
Beetroot Tarte Tatin
Bittergourd Curry (*Low Fat)
Cauliflower and Soychunks Kalia
Chili White Beans with Leeks (*Low Fat)
Couscous with Vegetables
Cucumber and Avocado Sushi (*Low Fat)
Easy Stir Fry (with noodles)
Easy Baked Swiss Chard Gratin
Eggplant and Chickpea Daube (A Mauritian Stew)
Flageolet and Aubergine Casserole with Spaghetti
Fried Rice
Garlic Bechamel Sauce (with veggies)
Green Beans with Mustard Seeds (*Low Fat)
Green Beans wrapped with Courgette Ribbons with Pesto (*Low Fat)
Jacket Potato with Lentils (*Low Fat)
Mashed Aubergine with Potato (*Low Fat)
Mauritian Style Vegan Halim with a Twist (or Curried Dhal with Meatless Balls and Eggplant)
Mushroom and Broccoli Quiche with Potato Crust
Mushroom and Pak(Bok) Choi Stir Fry
No-Cheese Pizza (*Low Fat)
Okra and Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce (*Low Fat)
Roasted Baby Potatoes with Garlic
Rougail Morisyen (Mauritian Rougaille)
Savoury Bread Pudding
Spicy Tandoori Wedges and Cauliflower
Stir Fry with Vegemince
Stuffed Chili Peppers 
Stuffed Veggies (Recipe by BoyfriendLovlie!)
Tandoori Sweet Potato and Cauliflower (*Low Fat)
Tempeh Recipe (Homemade)
Tempeh Sushi
Tofu and Cabbage in Tomato Sauce (with pasta)
Turmeric Infused Kitchrisotto (*Fat-free)
Turmeric Tofu Skewers(*Low Fat)
Vegan Mauritian Stew (*Low Fat)
Vegetables in Coconut Milk
Veggie Kebabs
Yam Curry (*Low Fat)>
Quick Broccoli Tomato Pasta


Artichoke Pasta Salad with Blueberry Chipotle Dressing
Beetroot, Green Mango and Arame Salad (*Fat-free)
Black Bean, Mango and Apple Salad with Maple Butter-Sriracha Lemon Dressing
Green Bean and Couscous Salad (*Low Fat)
Potato Salad with Santini Tomatoes(*Low Fat)
Quinoa Salad with Miso Orange Dressing
Roasted Radish Salad
Sour Strawberries, Portobello Mushrooms Salad with Fruit Puree
Warm Rice Salad (*Low Fat)

Daring Bakers Challenge

November 2009 - Cannoli
October 2009 - Macarons (not a recipe, just a flop! haha!)
January 2010 - Nanaimo Bars
February 2010 - Tiramisu (Spiced and Fruity!)
September 2010 - Decorated Sugar Cookies
October 2010 - Doughnuts

A taste of Mauritius?

Mauritian (or Mauritian Inspired Dishes)


Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce 
Eggplant and Chickpea Daube (A Mauritian Stew)
Mauritian Style Vegan Halim with a Twist (or Curried Dhal with Meatless Balls and Eggplant)
Cauliflower and Soychunks Kalia
Fried Rice
Okra and Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce
Rougail Morisyen (Mauritian Rougaille)
Vegan Mauritian Stew
Yam Curry


Banana Pie - Recipe Video


Coconut Chutney (with dates and sesame)
Coconut Chutney (with tamarind)
Coriander Chutney
Pomme Citère Chutney


Papaya Jam

Savoury snacks / cakes

Daal-chili Cake
Dhal-Chili Cake (with basil) 
Savoury Vegan Crêpes
Okra Bhajis

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